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Choosing the Best Canadian Casino to Play Roulette

The casino where you play Roulette will have an impact on the level of enjoyment you receive. A good casino will offer opportunities not available at other establishments. It is important for you to realize that the establishment is not responsible for giving you any breaks. Not to be harsh, but you are not the first consideration on the casino's mind. Remember, the casino is in business to make money. Here are a few tips to help you find a good casino.

1. Don't shun traditional casinos: While online casinos are convenient, brick-and-mortar casinos still have a lot to offer. The atmosphere of a physical casino simply cannot be replicated in your living room. Not to mention the human interaction. Over time you can develop unique friendships with other players.

2. Security: As you narrow down your choices, don't forget to assess the security features that the casinos have in place. At a minimum, the online casino must be able to protect your personal information, including your bankroll. Excess spam should sound like a warning to steer clear. You can get an assessment of the security by visiting blogs and forums that address the casino.

3. Betting limits: You want to limit your play to casinos that have flexible betting limits. Betting limits are one of the few ways for you to control the game in your favour. When you are learning or practicing roulette, low betting limits are good. At the later stages, however, you will want to have the option of increasing the size of your wager. 

4. Bonuses: Bonuses will mitigate the impact of your losses. Minimize the impact of losing by choosing casinos with generous bonus schemes. You can even find casinos that offer extra perks for new players. Of course, they are fostering loyalty, but you still make out. There is no reason to offer your patronage to casinos that don't have a bonus schedule. 

Reputation is important when making your choice of a casino. You can investigate a casino's reputation by checking gambling blogs and forums. You can also read player feedback at the casino site. Players are in the best position to share their experience with the approach taken by the casino. Why would you waste your time and money at a casino that has developed a bad customer service reputation? By avoiding these establishments, you can focus on the things that will help you be a successful player, on the things that help you win regularly.  

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European Roulette vs. American Roulette

Roulette is one of the classic casino games. Invented in France in the 17th-century, roulette grew to be a popular game of chance. Over time it migrated to America and became a mainstay in the casinos of Las Vegas. The original roulette, European Roulette, is still popular around the world today. Americans developed their own version in the United States, aptly called American Roulette.

The European version, sometimes called French Roulette, uses a wheel, a metal ball, and a table. The wheel has slots that correspond to spots on the table. To play, people bet that they will correctly pick where the ball will fall. There are 37 spaces on the wheel. They are numbered 0 – 36. The numbers 1-36 are either black or red, with the 0 allotted a green colour. Wagers can be made on red or black, odd or even numbers, low (1- 17) or high (18-36). The ball is rolled around the wheel and falls in a slot in the wheel, making the corresponding colour and number the winner of that game. If a player correctly picked either the colour, the number, high or low etc., they win. With the addition of green and 0, the odds are a little less than half for selecting the correct colour. Specific bet odds vary depending on the spot bet. The house has a 2.7% edge with the single green 0 on the wheel.  

canadian roulettes

 American roulette is found only in the United States since people in the rest of the world only play European roulette. Patriotism is probably the main reason people in the US play American roulette. Warning, do not be surprised…always check which version, European or American roulette, you are about to play before you sit at a table at a casino.

 Remember, roulette is a game of chance. There is a chance you will win a lot of money; the chance is better if you choose the right game, apply sound Roulette Strategies and follow the rules of the game. Learning the tricks of the game from people who are good players will also help you preserve your bankroll. But understand that there is also a chance you will lose. In fact, this is part of the initial learning experience. The name of the game is to have fun.

Payouts in Roulette

It’s easy to remember Roulette payouts because they all linger right on the number of chances you’ve got to win. Betting on one of those 36 numbers gives you 35-to-1 odds but betting on either the 1st 18 or 2nd 18 gives you 17-to-1 odds on a payout. The payout formula is uniform throughout the board.

Here, we will look at the payouts in roulette, and how you can convert it to the house edge using a simple math formula. This is in addition a great means you can use to check my math, so you're sure that I know what I'm saying. As the saying goes, always do the math.  


payout roulette


Roulette Payouts

2-to-1 Payout - Twelve Bet--12 numbers.
11-to-1 Payout - Street Bet--3 numbers.
35-to-1 Payout - Straight Bet--1 number.
17-to-1 Payout - Split Bet--2 numbers.
5-to-1 Payout - Six-Line Bet or Doublestreet Bet--6 numbers.
8-to-1 Payout - Corner Bet--4 numbers.
6-to-1 Payout - Basket Bet--5 numbers.
1-to-1 Payout - Even/Odd Bet, Red/Black Bet, 1-18 or 19-36 Bet On a straight bet, winners are paid 35 times your wager should you win, however the odds of hitting on a straight bet are 37-to-1, creating a house edge of 5.26 percent. Most other American roulette bets stick to the same 5.26 percent cost structure.

Getting Paid Out in Roulette  
If you remain within the betting limit at the table, then you could place multiple bets on a wheel spin. Since numbers are overlapped by a number of roulette bets, there's a chance for you to hit multiple times for the same number. So In this situation, you get paid out for each bet. Let us look at one example below.

Assuming you make a $10 bet on even numbers (and paying out is at 1-to-1), that is, a $10 bet on the 1st 12 (paying out at 2-to-1) and a $10 bet on the #8 (paying out at 35-to-1). Now because 8 is among the first twelve and is also an even number, you're actually hitting on that number 3 times, and all 3 bets won will be paid. You would win $10 on the even-number bet, $20 on the twelve bet, and $350 on the single-number bet, for a whopping $380. 

Naturally, you will only hit on the $350 bet 1-out-of-38 times. Let’s imagine you're betting $10 at every spin on the #8 and the odds fall precisely as you might expect, then you would have to wager $380 to win $350, meaning that the casino still wins in the end, unless a significant variance occurs.