Terminator 2 Online Slot Review

For all those who like Hollywood-themed slot machines, produced in collaboration and with the concession of their respective manufacturers, we offer below the review of the Terminator 2 slot machine, obviously taken from the film of the same last name. The range of online slot machines from successful films is constantly expanding: we have already reviewed the “Jurassic Park” slot machine, but we can cite the Alien slot machine (by Netent) or the Games slot machine of Thrones (also by Microgaming, also already reviewed), to name only the most famous.

For those who do not remember the plot of the film, we try to summarize it, also to better understand the icons of the slot machine and their mutual intersection: this is the second chapter of the Terminator saga, in which Sarah and John Connor must try to survive the assaults of the latest “Terminator” model, the T-1000, sent from the future to the past to kill them and thus thwart the human revolution against the machines. Arnie (or Arnold Schwarzenegger), first-generation terminator, comes to their rescue from the future, who will have to try to protect our heroes not only against the brand new T-1000 but also against the many T-800 (robots with red eyes, typical of Terminator) who will try to catch them. But now we come to the real slot machine….

It is a 5 reel video slot machine with 243 winning combinations and in “Microgaming” style without pay lines; the slot machine offers special symbols, such as wild and scatter symbols, which allow access to the “free spins” feature, a feature characterized by the insertion of an additional line of symbols, which brings the combinations winners at 1024 during this mode! Finally, a “random” feature called T-800 Vision is also worth mentioning.

Here is the first screenshot of this slot machine, which can give the idea of ??a thematic characterization.

Terminator 2 Online Slot: Symbols, Special Features and Free Spins

Now let’s go to the description of the theme and features of this splendid slot machine: our test was carried out using the free mode offered by the JackpotCity casino (we review “JackpotCity Casino” in detail, but obviously, you can choose any other online casino), maybe in demo mode, to find out a bit before risking your money.

Symbols include the four colors of the cards and the main characters in the film, which, when they generate a winning combination, come to life, creating animations. When these symbols generate a combination of five types, as shown in the screenshot above, the slot machine projects an excerpt from the movie, referring precisely to the character who generated the maximum winning combination.

However, the most interesting features of this slot machine are activated with “special” symbols, wild symbols and scatter symbols, or even in random mode, as in the case of T-800 Vision mode. The wild symbols, which represent the logo of the film Terminator 2 (it is simply the symbol “T2”), replace any other symbol except the scatter symbols, and also in the random mode T-800 Vision, it acquires a special wildcard function also the symbol T-1000 as we will specify later.

The most interesting feature, however, is the activation of free spins which occurs by the presence of the scatter symbol on at least 3 of the 5 reels of this online slot machine; the scatter symbol represents the blue energy sphere through which the terminators travel through time, but it is simply recognizable precisely because the word “Scatter” is undoubtedly imprinted on it. You can see the three scatter symbols in the screenshot above, three symbols that opened up the free spins mode to us.

Another special feature of this free spins mode, as you can see in the screenshot above, is the presence (in addition to the traditional symbols “T2”) of a wildcard symbol, so to speak, “mutant »: It is the symbol of the T-1000 which in combination with the others becomes the most appropriate symbol to give the winning combination as profitable as possible.

Finally, we must mention the random mode “T-800 Vision” which is activated during the normal course of the slot machine game (and therefore not during free spins) following a non-winning spin; the mode in question turns the slot machine red, which is seen through the eyes of a T-800 Terminator, as you can see in the screenshot below:

As is the case for a T-800, the slot will search for all the symbols with the characters, which will be acquired as objectives: each symbol with the characters, whatever the combination, awards a victory, up to the T-1000 which returns the highest value and is acquired last in the scan by the T-800 viewer.

In conclusion, the Terminator 2 slot machine is certainly interesting both for its excellent thematic characterization and for the presence, in free spins mode, of 1024 possible winning combinations, with the increase in the possibility of generating generous winning combinations.

If you want to try out the “Terminator 2” slot machine, if only in demo mode, here are some Canadian casinos that offer it:

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